Center for Modeling of Coupled Subsurface Dynamics


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Hybrid Analysis and Modeling - Introduction to Machine Learning

Three lectures on Hybrid Analysis and Modeling. Part of the short courses on topics related to the mathematics of porous media organized by the Porous Media Group and the VISTA CSD.


The lectures will be given by Professor Adil Rasheed and Professor Trond Kvamsdal, both from the Norwegian University of Technology and Science. The aim of the lecture is to introduce the field of Hybrid Analysis and Modeling (HAM) in the context of fluid mechanics. Until recently, pure physics based modelling approach were employed to solve complex problems in the field of fluid mechanics and use of data-driven models were limited to postprocessing or parameterization development. With the rise of deep learning new ways of combing the two approaches are emerging. In the context of this course we call this approach Hybrid Analysis and Modeling (HAM). The approach combines the strengths of both the approach while eliminating their weaknesses.

This topic will be covered in three two-hour lectures. The lectures will be given via Zoom, and will be held on Fridays 2-4PM (CET).

Lecture 1: Introduction to Machine Learning - 9.04.2021

Lecture 2: Reduced Order Modeling - 16.4.2021

Lecture 3: Hybrid Analysis and Modeling - 23.4.2021