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Research project

Mathematical and Numerical Modelling of Process-Structure Interaction in Fractured Geothermal Systems (MaPSI)

MaPSI has as its main objective to provide mathematical models and simulation technology required to assess subsurface process-structure interaction in the context of hydraulic and thermal stimulation in development and production of high-temperature geothermal resources.

Krafla geothermal power station
Krafla geothermal energy station.
Ásgeir Eggertsson (https://bit.ly/3cr5Tms)


The development and production of high-temperature geothermal resources can cause complex dynamics, such as the boiling of geothermal fluids and deformation of fractured rock, which are not yet fully understood. To address this issue, the MaPSI project has been funded by the ERC to establish mathematical models and simulation technology that assess subsurface process-structure interaction during hydraulic and thermal stimulation.

The project aims to develop pioneering mathematical and numerical models that simulate multiphase flow and phase-change in thermo-poroelastic media with deforming and propagating fractures. Through this approach, MaPSI seeks to advance expertise and improve our understanding of coupled processes in high-temperature geothermal systems development and production, ultimately aiming to promote sustainable resource exploitation.