Forskningsgruppen for porøse medier


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PMG at Interpore2021


Conference13th Annual Metting of International Society for Porous Media
Date30. May - 4. June

Special events

  • Student Affairs Committee (SAC) Career Panel, with Inga Berre


Talks on Tuesday, June 1

Erlend StorvikAn Efficient Solution Strategy for Variational Models of Brittle FractureMS7, 2:55 pm

Talks on Wednesday, June 2

Omar DuranA multiscale mixed finite element method applied to the simulation of two-phase flows,MS7, 7:20 pm
Jakub BothBlock-partitioned solvers for poromechanics via gradient flows and minimizationMS12, 7:35 pm
Eirik KeilegavlenA Flow Discretization for Conforming Discrete Fracture Matrix Models with Upscaling of Microscale FracturesMS3, 8:05

Talks on Thursday, June 3

Inga BerreSAC Career Panel

Talks on Friday, June 4

Sæunn HalldorsdottirThermal fracturing and natural convection – a hidden source of geothermal activity in the earth’s crust?MS1, 3:30 pm