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Kick-off PoroTwin project

The PoroTwin project has been successfully started. We are building a digital twin of the FluidFlower.

Digital twin of the FluidFlower
Digital twin of the FluidFlower based on PorePy.
Martin Fernø


On 9.6.21, Geir Terje Eigestad (Wintershall Dea) visited the University of Bergen to launch the PoroTwin web page and thereby the PoroTwin and FluidFlower projects, in which experiments and numerical simulations of CO2 injection and storage forms the focus. The PoroTwin project in particular has the main objective to:

Develop a digital twin with real-time integration of reservoir flow, simulation, and control with experimental operational parameters.

The launch of the truely interdisciplinary and collaborative project has been celebrated with a live-demo of the FluidFlower and a subsequent micro-seminar with talks by:

  • Martin Fernø on CO2-storage in the FluidFlower;
  • Atle Rotevatn on Capturing realistic geology;
  • Jan Martin Nordbotten on Digital Twins of the FluidFlower.

The PoroTwin project is a collaboration between UiB, NTNU, and SINTEF Digital, funded by Wintershall Dea.