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Lectures from BMED904 / Diku Summer School

June 2021

Donald Gullberg, UiB - Introduction to Extracellular Matrix

Introduction to extracellular matrix (Lecture 1), Integrins (Lecture 2 - from 48:17) - Donald Gullberg


In June 2021 Donald Gullberg and Marion Kusche-Gullberg lectured in connection with the graduate course in Matrix biology BMED904  (Bi-annual course organized at University of Bergen by Matrix Biology group), which in 2021 overlapped with a Diku-financed summer school in fibrosis.

The lectures given by Donald and Marion were recorded and are available here.

Introduction to extracellular matrix (Lecture 1), Integrins (Lecture 2 - from 48:17) (Donald Gullberg)

Proteoglycans, cell-matrix receptors (Marion Kusche-Gullberg)

Fibroblasts in fibrosis research (Donald Gullberg)

Lab practice: Focal adhesions - Donald Gullberg

Experiment 1: Focal adhesion assay  - Ning Lu

Lab practice: Collagen gel contraction - Donald Gullberg

Experiment 2: Collagen gel contraction assay - Ning Lu

Lab practice: Spheroid - Donald Gullberg

Experiment 3: Spheroid preparation using hanging drop - Ning Lu