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Music Education

This is the page for the CABUTE-Music Education Network Group. More information will be coming soon.


Here is the current list of staff members in this group:

Nicholas SsempiijaMakerere University/CHUSSLeader
David HebertWNUCo-leader
Ekadu PeterKyambogo/Music and Performing ArtsMember
Isabirye JamesKyambogo/Music and Performing ArtsMember
Keneth BamuturakiKyambogo/Music and Performing ArtsMember
Benon KigoziMakerere University/CHUSSMember
Lawrence Banco SekaleggaMakerere University/CHUSSMember
Milton WabyonaMakerere University/CHUSSMember
Friday  RwamaheUNITEMember
Kiconco MedadUNITEMember
Niwagaba MedadUNITEMember
Khisa FaustinUNITEMember
Nawoova SarahUNITEMember
Oba RichardUNITEMember
Bolla  NorbertUNITEMember
Kabyanga JoshuaUNITEMember
Kibuuka MoreenUNITEMember
Nabagereka BernadetteUNITEMember
Adima Faustine O. AUNITEMember
Anguparu MaryUNITEMember
Driciru Regina YiaUNITEMember
Driwaru Juliet AwutaUNITEMember
Ozitiru IreneUNITEMember
Ola Can ElizabethUNITEMember
Omagor DenisUNITEMember
Steinar SætreUniversity of BergenMember