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Watch 'Energy solutions in the most Eco-friendly neighbourhood in Bergen' here!

Louise Korsbæk Sondrup, Manager Innovation at Eviny will give us insight into energy solutions in the most Eco-friendly neighbourhood in Bergen - how to utilise the heating from a transformer in producing heat for a new neighbourhood

Energy solutions in the most Eco-friendly neighbourhood in Bergen

Bergen Energy Lab


This presentation will give a brief overview and insights into the energy system analysis performed for the planned new neighbourhood “Smartby Montana” on new mount Ulriken. Today BKK Nett has a large outdoor transformer placed in the area which soon is in need of an upgrade. This is an opportunity to do something new and different; transforming the area to a completely new and sustainable neighbourhood.

Eviny and Sweco have received support from Enova to conduct a detailed analysis of the energy system. During the presentation, Louise will briefly go through the key findings of the analysis and the proposed solutions where excess heating from the new compact transformer has been given a key role.


Webinar speaker

Louise Korsbæk Sondrup, Manager Innovation at Eviny