Fjord og kystøkologi


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Studying the fjords

Our post-doc Natalya Gallo, and Master`s students Carl Bukowski and Sigrid Kjeldstad were out in the fjords on board RV Kristine Bonnevie last week.

Student at work
Master's student Sigrid Kjeldstad collecting samples for her project on deep-sea communities in west Norwegian fjords.
Natalya Gallo (UiB)


A cruise in the fjords

RV Kristine Bonnevie was out at sea last week to collect oceanographic data from currents in the fjords. The data will be used to model currents and gain insights about salmon lice transportation, very important not only for ecologists but also for salmon farms.
A second aim was to track historical shrimp fishery sites along the coast and fjords, which were exploited until the decline in populations made the fishery no longer sustainable economically. Are the shrimps still present?
FjordCoast's postdoc Natalya Gallo, together with master's students Carl Bukowski and Sigrid Kjeldstad, also joined the cruise. Their aim was also to measure oxygen levels in Masfjorden and Fensfjorden (map below), contributing to our extensive time series which is helping us to improve our understanding of the effects of hypoxia on fish physiology, growth, behaviour, and community ecology (HypOnFjordFish project).

A nice picture of RV Kristine Bonnevie
Erlend Astad Lorentzen (IMR). From: https://www.hi.no/en/hi/about-us/facilities/our-vessels/kristine-bonnevie