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Seminar Sophus Lie, Nordjordeid, Norway, 2022

12-19 June, Nordfjordeid, Norway


Seminar Sophus Lie (SSL-2022) will meet on 12-19 June 2022 at Nordfjordeid, Norway. This seminar was founded in 1990 in Germany and has had regular meetings since then on the topics of Lie theory, with creation of the Journal of Lie Theory as one of the notable outputs. This year’s meeting is a result of joint efforts of German and Norwegian mathematicians to honour the legacy of Sophus Lie and the modern development of his theory.


The aim of this workshop is to bring together, in a casual and friendly atmosphere, mathematicians working on all areas of analysis, geometry, algebra and mathematical physics, which are related in a broad sense to Sophus Lie’s work. Traditionally these meetings centre on applications of representation theory and advances in Lie theory.

This is the first meeting of SSL in Norway, at the birthplace of Sophus Lie. The atmosphere of the Conference Center will allow for informal discussions, collaborations and initiations of new research projects. Several grants will be allocated to cover local expenses, and we encourage young mathematicians as well as female mathematicians to apply.


Please check out the webpage for more details.