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Automated Imaging

Imaging large samples and multiple regions of interest

Image mosaic
Harald Hausen. Sample Courtesy: Natacha Fabregas


Analyzing large sample areas or screening them for small spots of interesting features are tedious tasks if done manually in front of a microscope. The tools for unattended image acquisition implemented in the Zeiss Supra 55VP and Gemini 450 microscopes allow for an alternate strategy. Large areas can be imaged automatically and later offline analyzed. 

Single images can reach a size of 32000 x 32000 pixels and multiple images can be recorded with automated adjustment of focus and other parameters of the electron beam and detectors. This way high resolution mosaics of large areas can be generated and efficiently screened in the office for details of interest. As a second option overview images can be used to define multiple regions of interest which then are sequentially imaged.

Automated imaging is applicable to all kinds of material and life science samples, imaging modes and detectors. The resulting big data sets are valuable resources and are often analyzed with the help of advanced image processing and feature recognition tools.