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Innovation Centre: MediaFutures

Responsible Media Content Generation and Language Technology

MediaFutures (2020-2028) is a centre for research-driven innovation, jointly funded by the Norwegian Resarch Council and by its academic and industrial partners. The centre develops advanced new media technology for responsible and effective media user engagement, media content production, media content interaction and accessibility, and will conduct research on novel methods and metrics for precise audience understanding. AI technology has shown to be of great value in many different application domains; however, it has also raised significant ethical issues, including, e.g., the creation of echo chambers in online media systems, and caused political polarisation and controversial or questionable election outcomes. A central objective of the centre is therefore to develop responsible media technology, in particular AI technology, for the media sector.

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In the MediaFutures centre, the I2S group leads two work packages:

  • Artificial intelligence and machine learning are powerful tools for crafting high-quality journalism. In MediaFutures' WP5, we thoroughly analyze how AI techniques can revolutionize news production across its entire cycle, aiming to amplify trust. We aim to develop solutions that produce verified and relevant content effectively while employing engaging narratives. We collaborate closely with media production companies to integrate and test the methods and tools we develop in realistic production settings in order to increase industry relevance. Our goal is to use AI for good, aiding journalists and editors in sharing informative content.
  • Language technologies are at the core of media technologies. In MediaFutures' WP3, we collaborate to create datasets and models for Norwegian (Bokmål/Nynorsk) that support the automated understanding as well as the automated production of media texts. We also investigate bias and toxic language in Norwegian and Scandinavian language models.