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Watching in the Media 2018: Speakers


Snap-Mapping — Network Buildups or Spies in the Skies by Maren Myrseth

Maren Myrseth

Snap-Mapping – Network Buildups or Spies in the Skies? Journalism student at UiB, Maren Myrseth, will give a talk about the Snapchat Snap Map, and how it’s like to see and be seen by everyone in the world.


Image Sharing as Revenge Porn by Håvard Kristoffersen Hansen

Håvard Kristoffersen Hansen

What happens to a person when intimate images are shared in school and with friends and family? VG journalist Håvard Kristoffersen Hansen investigates the hidden consequences of illegal image sharing.


VR-Experiments in Journalism Education by Joakim Vindenes

Joakim Vindenes

Joakim Vindenes will present some of what they do in the bachelor course, Virtual Reality (VR) Journalism, held at the @University of Bergen. The course features training in VR programming, 360°, video production, aesthetics and ethics.



Automating Empathy and some Human Implications by Deborah G. Johnson

Deborah G. Johnson

Professor Deborah G. Johnson will talk about the ethical and social implications of affective computing, which is a new field that seeks to detect, measure, and quantify emotions in people and to produce the appearance of emotional expression in machines. 


picture of Paul C. Adams

Paul C. Adams

Journalism is caught at the intersection of two increasingly important economies. At the conference, Professor Paul C. Adams will offer a critical response to the capture of data about new audiences and how they engage with online content.


bilde av Nicholas Diakopoulos

Nicholas Diakopoulos

Neural network technology is advancing in its ability to synthesize new content, that is at times almost indistinguishable from human-authored content. This talk will provide an overview of state-of-the-art technical capabilities.