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2nd International Conference on Current Issues in Coincidence Analysis

The second international conference dedicated exclusively to the configurational comparative method of Coincidence Analysis (CNA).

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The second edition of this international conference on Coincidence Analysis provides a platform for exchange between CNA methodologists and applied researchers. The newest methodological developments and open questions will be presented alongside exemplary applications from public health, surgical research, social and political science. Here is a list of speakers:

Deborah Cragun (Univ. of South Florida): Real-world examples illustrating challenges and considerations when building, selecting, and presenting CNA models

Jonathan Freitas (Univ. of Minas Gerais): A CNA of CNAs: Searching for causal models of the performance of the method

Reiping Huang (Northwestern): Evaluating the implementation of a multi-component surgical quality collaborative

Edward Miech (Regenstrief Institute): A bottom-up approach to factor selection in CNA: Findings from a reanalysis of three QCA-based studies using the "msc" routine

Veli-Pekka Parkkinen (Univ. of Bergen): Measuring the robustness of CNA models

Martyna Swiatczak (Univ. of Bergen): To Be or Not to Be a Good Leader? A Coincidence Analysis of Identity Leadership, Work-Related Attitudes, and Burnout

Ole Henning Sørensen (NFA Denmark): Simple roads to failure, complex paths to success: An evaluation of conditions explaining perceived fit of an organizational occupational health intervention

Trond Løkling (NTNU Trondheim): What makes workplace conflict deescalate? A Coincidence Analysis on longitudinal panel data

Luna De Souter (Univ. of Bergen): Evaluating Boolean relationships in Configurational Comparative Methods

Abstracts are being collected here. A tentative program is here.

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