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EpiCap: Design and analysis of epidemiologic studies for causal inference

EpiCap’s next upcoming course "Design and analysis of epidemiologic studies for causal inference" will be held at the University of Bergen 21-27 May, 2024

Picture of the cover of Kenneth Rothman's book Epidemiology - An introduction
Oxford University Press


EpiCap’s next upcoming course in the document linked here: “DESIGN AND ANALYSIS OF EPIDEMIOLOGIC STUDIES FOR CAUSAL INFERENCE”, will be held by Prof. Krista F. Huybrechts and EpiCap co-facilitators at the University of Bergen 21-27 May, 2024

Picture of Krista Huybrechts
of Krista Huybrechts by Harvard Medical School

The application portal is now open. To apply go to the Application portal(Søknadsweb). 

PLEASE NOTE THAT, because we're away during Easter and back only 2nd of April, THE APPLICATION DEADLINE has been extended to the end of the 3RD OF APRIL. We are aware that the document linked at the top of this page still sets the deadline to the 2nd of April. If you try to apply through the portal 3rd April, you may experience a problem. Don't fret, we'll sort it out 2nd and 3rd of April. 

Many people have already submitted their applications; and the course, which will only accommodate ≈40 participants, may well become overbooked soon. 

Four important points: 

1. If the portal page is in Norwegian (we appologize for this); change the language to engish to the right at the top of the page before you proceed. 

2. If you are an international applicant please follow the simple instructions on how to apply below (click on the grey field).

3. Remember to upload relevant documents before the application deadline 4th of April. You can do this when you apply but also after you have submitted your application. If so, log in to the application portal (søknadsweb) again and click on my documents at the top of the page.Then add the relevant documents. 

4. When you apply, you have to choose between CISMAC900-5 Intervention Science in maternal and child health (5ECT) and CISMAC900A-5 Intervention Science in maternal and child health (2ECT). This is correct. They are both this course. The difference between them is that one (5ECTs) has an exam after the course and the other (2ECTs) does not.  

How to apply

1. Go to Søknadsweb's login page.
2. Choose International Applicant (do not select Feide).
3. A or B.  
A: If you have been registered at UiB before: Log in with your email address and the password sent to you by email (do not select "register new international applicant"). If you do not remember your password use send me a new password function.
B: If you have nevner registered at UiB before: choose register new international applicant and fill out the information requested. 

Complete your profile in Søknadsweb:

1. Personal information:  Please make sure that your name (if you only have one name, please fill in this name in both first- and surname fields), nationality and date of birth are correctly registered in søknadsweb. If the information is not correct, send an email to cismac@uib.no immediately.

If you are not directed immediately to the page for completing your profile, you will find the personal information in "My profile" section from the top menu.

2. Home address and phone number: It is important that you register your complete home(residential) address and phone number. Do not use P.O.box or your university address. 

  • street address and number
  • postal code/zip code, city name and state/province
  • country
  • mobile phone number

Click Next to continue your application. You will then be directed to the application page.

Contact information

If you have any questions about the course, please contact us at cismac@uib.no