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PhD Defence

Mapping the Connections

PhD candidate Jarrod Cusens, connected to the UNESCO Chair and CESAM, is defending his thesis "Mapping the Connections" on Monday April 24.

Jarrod Cusens
Dagmar Egelkraut


Jarrod Cusens has been working with the UNESCO Chair group since 2019, supervised by Professor Inger Måren. He has been studying the spatial distribution of ecosystem services using a Public Participation GIS and biophysical modelling, and in his work he integrates social-cultural values with biophysical values for ecosystem service mapping and identifying so-called social ecological archetypes.

On April 24 he is holding his trial lecture on the subject "Transformative change toward sustainability: Concepts and pathways" at 11:30 (Thormøhlensgate 53B, room K3/K4), followed by the PhD defence at 14:15 (Thormøhlensgate 55, Lille Auditorium).

The candidate will be evaluated by
       Professor Tobias Plieninger, The University of Göttingen
       Associate Professor Nora Fagerholm, University of Turku
       Professor Sigrunn Eliassen, University of Bergen (leader of committee)

We look forward to the defence, and wish Jarrod the best of luck.

All are welcome to both trial lecture and defence.