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Update 3.5.4 of the cna R package released on CRAN

Mathias Ambühl and Michael Baumgartner released a new update of the cna R package on CRAN. The latest version is 3.5.4.



On August 10, 2023, version 3.5.4 of the cna R package was released on CRAN. As always, it can be downloaded here:



Changes in version 3.5.4

  • Default values of arguments rm.const.factors and rm.dup.factors in configTable() and cna() have changed from TRUE to FALSE.
  • In randomConds(), the flexibility in specifying complexity in argument \code{compl} has been increased.


The first change is of some relevance to applied users. While in previous versions, the cna() and configTable() functions automatically eliminated constant factors and all but one of a set of duplicated factors, constants and duplicates are now left in the analysis by default. Instead, the functions simply issue a warning message alerting the user to the fact that the data contain constants or duplicates.