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Bjørnar Tessem in Dagens Næringsliv: Machines Don’t Think, They Compute

"It is unfortunate that serious researchers portray AI as human-like and attribute various good and bad human qualities to the systems. Machines do not think; they compute", writes Bjørnar Tessem in Dagen Næringsliv.

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In an op-ed featured in Dagens Næringsliv, Professor Bjørnar Tessem critically addresses the tendency among various actors, including researchers, to anthropomorphize artificial intelligence systems, such as ChatGPT. Tessem emphasizes the importance of distinguishing between AI and human cognition, highlighting the fundamental differences between these two.

"ChatGPT is impressive, but it's fundamentally a computational model made possible by powerful computers and access to vast amounts of language data. It generates texts that may appear human-like, but it operates in an entirely different manner than the human thought process while speaking or writing. The metaphor suggesting that machines can think adds to unwarranted concerns.”, writes Tessem.

Read the whole op-ed here (in Norwegian).