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Survival Pluss: Breakthrough after program conclusion

The NORHED-programme is currently in its second phase but we also share news on NORHED I-projects. The Survival Pluss project is one example of a project that was part of NORHED I, where results based on the work in the project continue to be reported.

Carrying baby
Thorkild Tylleskär, UiB


Educational development is a fundamental driver of progress. However, it often takes time to see substantial outcomes, with results sometimes materialising after the project periods are completed. Read more about the Survival Pluss project in the interview that The Norwegian Embassy in Kampala, Uganda conducted with Professor Thorkild Tylleskär from the Centre for International Health at the University of Bergen. Tylleskär is the Norwegian Partner lead on the Survival Pluss project and shared with us information about the project and the progress made.

Read the interview with Thorkild Tylleskär at the Embassy's website: NORHED in Uganda – a research programme producing concrete results - Norway in Uganda

Read more about Survival Pluss at the project website.