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Doctoral defence for Beate Sandvei

15 June Beate Sandvei will defend her thesis on relative construction in oral Spanish

We are pleased to inform that Beate Sandvei’s PhD thesis has been accepted for defence. The defence consists of two parts — trial lecture and oral defence.

Trial lecture

Time: Thursday 14 June, at 16.30. Duration 45 minutes.

Place: Auditorium A, Sydneshaugen skole.

Given topic: "Funciones de las subordinadas adverbiales impropias en el español conversacional de la Argentina. Análisis gramatical y pragmático.

Las funciones (sentido amplio de función) de las “adverbiales impropias” es decir: las que no son estrictamente adverbiales; ni locativas ni temporales, comparativas."


Time: Friday 15 June, 09.30–approx. 13.00.

Place: Auditorium A, Sydneshaugen skole.

Title of the thesis: "Las construcciones relativas especificativas en el espanol hablado en Argentina. Su forma y sus funciones."


First opponent: Angela Lucia de Tullio, Universidad Nacional del Comahue, Neuqén, Argentina.

Second opponent: Estrella Montolio Duran, Universitat de Barcelona.

The committee is headed by associate professor Annette Myre Jørgensenen, Department of Foreign Languages, University of Bergen.

The defence will be chaired by associate professor Åse Johnsen, Department of Foreign Languages, University of Bergen.