Forskergruppen Helse-, velferd- og vitenskapshistorie


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Conference program

Humanitarianism, Nursing, and Missions

The final program and information on how to sign up for the conference "Humanitarianism, Nursing, and Missions: How to Study Knowledge Exchanges in a Historical, Transnational Perspective" is ready.

The venue will be Hotel Grand Terminus in Bergen, September 21-23, 2011.


The program is attached as a PDF (column to the right). Click here for more information: Call for papers.


Conference fees:

  • Three days (including lunch): 1200 NOK.
  • Three days (including lunch and one dinner): 1500 NOK.
  • Three days (including lunch and two dinners): 2000 NOK.

To sign up, contact Inger Marie Okkenhaug within September 15: Inger.Marie.Okkenhaug@hivolda.no.