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Guidelines for Preliminary Viva Voce Examination

Grieg Research School will use Preliminary Viva Voce Examination (prøvedisputas) as a tool for quality assurance and development.

Preliminary viva voce
Steinar Figved


Preliminary Viva Voce Examinations will be a possibility but not a requirement for the candidates that are members of Grieg Research School. They will as far as possible be arranged in connection to the courses.

Preliminary Viva Voce Examination should be during the last year/some months before submission.


Two main goals

a) To have external feedback that helps the candidate to refine the thesis

b) To explore the format of public academic discussion



A highly qualified scholar in the field. The opponent is asked to focus the discussion around 100 pages, but invited to see them in the context of the whole thesis.


Format of examination

a) candidate presents thesis (20-30 minutes)

b) opponent initiates discussion (60-70 minutes)

c) response/questions from the audience (20-30 minutes)