Forskerskolen i språkvitenskap og filologi


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Lunch meetings and seminars

The lunch meetings sometimes include informal research presentations or dissertation seminars. This is the most frequent of the Research School's activities.


The dissertation seminars are designed to give the PhD candidates training in project presentation and provide them with an opportunity to discuss their own and other candidates’ dissertation work with their peers and other members of the research staff.

The candidate should send out a manuscript (about 15 pages) to the PhD Research School's mailing list at least 10 days before the dissertation seminar. The manuscript should normally be written in English. All participants should read the manuscript before the seminar.

At the seminar, the candidate is given approx. 15 minutes to present the manuscript and situate it in the larger context of the dissertation. A peer reader is then given approx. 15 minutes to present critical remarks, questions and comments. The remainder of the session consists of an open group discussion.

Candidates who wish to present a manuscript or serve as peer reader should contact Kevin McCafferty.