Forskergruppen Helse-, velferd- og vitenskapshistorie


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Science History Project was formed after a decision in the University Board in February 2008. The project will stimulate and coordinate scientific historical research at the University of Bergen and to contribute with knowledge and perspectives to be used in debates on the university, and on science and society.

The project seeks first to facilitate uniting the interest and expertise in university communities along of the academic disciplines. Second, it is within the framework of the project to carry out basic research, mainly in the form of individual PhD projects. Four candidates are per day related to this project. Thirdly, it is a goal for the project to develop interdisciplinary research projects that can strengthen the scientific historical research at the University of Bergen.

The project’s activities are currently concentrated in two areas; the medical sciences and marine sciences, and they are particularly focused on exploring the relationship between the local, the national and the international history of science.


The project has its own website (Norwegian).