Forskargruppe i mellomalderfilologi


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Handbook of Old Norse Philology

The Handbook of Old Norse Philology presents Old Norse language and literature in a concise format, but it can hardly be said to be lightweight: the second edition of the book has 800 pages! The book comes out of a national collaborative project, but has a firm footing in the Bergen community.


Odd Einar Haugen, who has written two of the chapters, is also the editor of the book, and otherwise from the Bergen scholarly community, Else Mundal has written a further two chapters. The other contributors are Endre Mørck (Tromsø), Jan Ragnar Hagland og Karin F. Seim (Trondheim), Inge Særheim (Stavanger), Marit Aamodt Nielsen (Kristiansand), Jon Gunnar Jørgensen (Oslo), Bernt Øyvind Thorvaldsen (Skien) and Jonas Wellendorf (Berkeley, USA). The latter two have their PhDs from Bergen.

The book was published in January 2013 by Fagbokforlaget and in the series by Landslaget for norskundervisning (LNU, The National Association for Norwegian Teaching).

Read more about the book project here: Handbok i norrøn filologi