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Research focus on Migration

Now in its fifth year, Bergen Summer Research School will this time focus on transnational migration. The application deadline is 15 February.

Illustrasjonsfoto brukt ifm sak om Bergen Summer Research School BSRS 2012
Illustrasjonsfoto brukt ifm sak om Bergen Summer Research School BSRS 2012


Globalisation has always been at the heart of Bergen Summer Research School (BSRS) and this year’s event is no different. BSRS 2012 starts on Wednesday 20 June and ends on Friday 22 June. This year’s subject is «Transnational Migration and Global Development».

– We are interested in looking at subjects such as transnational migration flows, problems related to emigration and immigration and the relation immigrants have to their home countries and the diaspora, Mette Andersson says. – There will be a transnational perspective both regarding economic and political aspects of migration flow.

Andersson is scientific co-ordinator for BSRS 2012 and also Professor of Sociology at the University of Bergen (UiB). She heads a scientific committee of ten people, who are preparing the programme for BSRS 2012.

– As in the past, this year’s BSRS will represent a meeting point between the south and the north and we are working to make the workshops as interdisciplinary as possible, Andersson says.

Four workshops

There will be four workshops in this year’s BSRS, which in various ways deal with the overarching subject of transnational migration. There will be two main teachers for each group.

In its first four years BSRS was held over a two-week period, with the writing of and presentation of papers as an integrated part. This year BSRS takes place over three content-packed days, with papers submitted beforehand.

– It is less of a school this time and more of a PhD research conference, Andersson admits. – But it is still about dialogue with the students and to discuss their writing.

Student grants

Having worked as co-ordinator since last August, Andersson is now looking to find 40 PhD students to make BSRS 2012 as successful as previous research schools in Bergen. And she has carrots to hand out to the applicants. Or at least some of them.

– 20 of the students from the south will receive a grant, which will cover expenses such as travel and accommodation, she says.

As well as the four workshops, there are four keynote speakers who will speak on subjects related to the main theme. And as in previous years, BSRS will co-operate with the City of Bergen and the Bergen Chamber of Commerce for a public meeting that will be open to the general public as well as the BSRS 2012 participants.

The deadline for application for BSRS 2012 is 15 February and the application form can be found here.