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New article : Citizen's Trust in Anticorruption Agencies : A Comparison Between Bangladesh and Nepal

Associate Professor Ishtiaq Jamil, Professor Steinar Askvik and PhD Candidate Hasan M. Baniamin have published an article in : International Journal of Public Administration.

Trust and marker


The paper analyzes citizens’ trust in anticorruption agencies (ACAs) in Bangladesh and Nepal. An increase in trust over time should indicate that the agencies are performing according to citizens’ expectations. The data come from two waves of surveys. Our findings suggest that in the first wave trust patterns are similar for both countries; in the second wave, trust in ACAs in Nepal increased significantly. In explaining variations in trust, we found that trust was linked to citizens’ experiences with political processes, including their alienation from those processes and their perceptions of the trustworthiness of institutions, civil servants, and politicians in general.

The complete article can be found here