Institutt for geografi

Akua Nyamekye Darko

As a masters student in the department of geography, my scope has been widely broadened on issues related to space and time in geography and also the philosophies that are foundamental to life and development. The well experienced staff and lecturers are always willing to help.


In my master thesis I am exploring the factors influencing the gendered difference in healthy lifestyle (diet and physical activity) among adults in Ghana.

Studies have shown that lifestyle behaviours are the root cause of chronic non-communicable diseases (CNCDs) in the world today (Aulikki Nissinen et al, 2001). There is also an evidence of a gendered difference in these lifestyle behaviours in Ghana, where men are living more riskier lifestyles as compared to women. This study there seeks, using approaches from space-time constraints (a time geography perspective), gender roles concepts and the concept of intersectionality to find possible explanations to this difference in the second largest urban city in Ghana, Kumasi.


Supervisor: Ragnhild Overå