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Trip to mount Fløien

What could be a better way to kick-start the semester than a hike up one of the seven mountains surrounding our beautiful city?

Maria Sørhus


On 28th of August 2013, the Social Events Committee at the Department of Administration and Organization Theory arranged a trip to mount Fløien. On our way through town, heading for the trails that led up to the top of the mountain, one of the Norwegian students gave us a nice guided tour through the famous streets of Bergen. For several of the international students, hiking in an environment like that of the trails leading up to Fløien was a new experience. The mood was irreproachable as we strolled on the nice paths in the woods, coming closer and closer to the top. Upon reaching the top, we did as could be expected: We took pictures, bought a well-deserved ice cream for each, and enjoyed the magnificent view of Bergen.

Thanks to all for a nice memory, and for a great kick-start of the semester!



Maria Sørhus for the Social Events Committee