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Semester Startup

Welcome Programme

Participate in the Welcome Programme for new international students at the start of the semester.

International students in the university aula
The Welcome Programme offers a great chance to meet other new students.


Stay tuned for UiB's autumn semester Welcome Programme 2022. The programme will introduce you to different aspects of being a student in Bergen.

Joining is an excellent opportunity to meet other international students, as well as ask questions to UiB staff members. Attendance is not mandatory, but we highly encourage all new international students to participate. Pre-registration is not required. 

Welcome Programme

Digital welcome and introduction

We will hold a digital introduction meeting for all new international students in Zoom on Thursday 11 August at 10 am. Vice-Rector Benedicte Carlsen will welcome you and you will thereafter receive some practical information. In addition you will learn more about infection prevention at UiB, the Student Welfare organisation Sammen and how to hike safely in Norwegian nature.Students will receive an email with the link to the meeting within 16:00 the day before.

Meet Your Faculty

Faculty meetings will be held Friday 12 August, but the time will vary depending on which faculty you belong to. We will link to the faculty page below as the details are updated.