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Why UiB

Student Housing

All new international students admitted to the University of Bergen can apply for housing through the Student Welfare Organisation (Sammen).

Fantoft student hostel
A view of Fantoft student hostel

Housing guarantee for UiB students

New international students on the following categories are guaranteed student housing, provided that the application is submitted within the deadline:

  • Exchange students. 
  • International master's degree students. 
  • Students in other collaboration programs with a minimum stay of one semester.

Students are only guaranteed housing once. It is not possible to terminate the contract and then have guaranteed housing again.

Conditions to be eligible for a housing guarantee:

  • New student admitted for at least one semester (only first time applicants to SAMMEN housing).
  • Residing abroad at the time of the admission.
  • Submit the application for student accomodation within the deadline.
  • Arriving at the beginning of the semester (rent must be paid from 1 August/1 January).

Please note that housing guarantee ensures a space in a student hostel; however a specific room type is not guaranteed. Family and couple apartments are not included in the housing guarantee.

How to apply for accommodation with housing guarantee

All students who are entitled to housing guarantee will receive information about application procedure by email.

Application period:

Autumn semester (start August): 1 April - 1 June

Spring semester (start January): 1 October - 1 November

The application must be registered at the Sammen application portal, following the instructions given by the University of Bergen. It is important that you register a valid mobile phone number (including country code), when applying for housing.

Students must apply for housing by selecting the queue "Bergen-housing guarantee 2020".

Students with special needs

Sammen can offer rooms/appartments that are specially adapted for students with special needs. These rooms/appartments are located in Damsgårdsveien, Gyldenpris, Grønneviksøren, Jekteviken, and at Fantoft TRE Student housing.

Students with special needs; disabilities, accommodation or accessibility needs must notify Sammen after the application is submitted, by sending an email to bolig@sammen.no 

Supporting documentation (medical certificate), might be required. Accomodation will be allocated according to availability.

Housing offer

  • You will receive an offer of housing shortly after 1 June /1 November. 
  • You must sign the tenancy agreement and pay the deposit within the deadline. This can be done by using the SMS code sent by Sammen.  
  • Exchange students MUST accept the housing offer, even if their admission at UiB is still under consideration.

The tenancy agreement can be accepted by using SMS code, electronic draw signature or bank ID (Norwegian).

Exchange students staying for the autumn semester will be offered shared rooms at Fantoft student hostel. 

Allocation periods

Autumn semester: 1 August - 31 December

Spring semester: 1 January - 31 July

Information about tenancy agreement, allocation rules and other important information is available at Sammen.

The housing contract is allocated for the entire semester. Students may only terminate the agreement after 3 months and with 3 months’ notice starting from the first day in the following month.


Notify Sammen by email: bolig@sammen.no

Students should not sign the tenancy agreement, if they are planning to find alternative/private accommodation in Bergen. If the agreement is signed, the student is liable for paying rent for the entire duration of the tenancy period/semester.

Students that terminate the tenancy agreement due to alternative accomodation, will not be given guaranteed housing again.

We strongly advise all students to read and follow Sammen's cancellation policies and deadlines carefully.

Missed the housing guarantee deadline?

Students that have missed the deadline, are not guaranteed housing. We still recommend that you apply for housing at Sammen as soon as possible. You will be allocated student housing depending on availability.

Staying for less than one semester?

Short-term students staying for less than one semester can apply for housing at:

Other accomodation

If you intend to find housing elsewhere, there are several websites that may be useful.