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Semester Startup

New Student

Welcome to the University of Bergen! This is what you need to know during your first weeks as a UiB student.

Three international students in the streets of Bergen
We will guide you through the formalities you need to complete.
Eivind Senneset


Due to the current situation with the corona virus, semester startup will be different from previous semesters. We will keep you updated through email and online:

Checklist for New Students

This is what you need to know to complete the necessary registrations and formalities during semester startup at UiB. Note that you will have to complete the e-learning course in infection prevention before you come to campus.

Welcome Programme

Digital welcome and introduction

We will hold a digital wlsome and introduction to UiB for you in the beginning of august

To be able to attend this, it is important that you create your UiB user account  We will send you information about this by email during the summer.

Meet Your Faculty

The date and time for the welcome meeting will vary depending on which faculty you belong to, but for most faculties it will be held Friday 13 August. The link to your faculty page will be availble as soon as the detailes are settled:

Arrival and Directions

When will you arrive in Bergen, and where do you need to go? And what about student housing, late arrival and important dates during semester startup?

Student Organisation

Get involved and join one of Bergen's more than 100 student organisations and activities! Some might also be especially relevant for international students.

Campus Living

Find out what we offer students in Bergen in terms of housing, cafeterias, training, sports and health services, as well as information on student life and safety.

Enjoy Norwegian Nature

Students in Bergen live close to nature. Make sure to enjoy it and be safe at the same time. The Norwegian Mountain Code (called "Fjellvettreglene" in Norwegian) is a collection of nine simple rules, that will help you stay safe while hiking.

You should also check out The Norwegian Trekking Associaton's Website for everything you need to know, before starting your adventure. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Are you having trouble finding an answer to your question? Try our FAQ.