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Employee pages - project information

The University of Bergen now has a separate website for employees.


Employee pages provide an overview of everything related to your employment conditions: From welfare services to applications for leaves of absence, sick leave and the working environment, to typical operating and service functions, such as parking, the security centre telephone number and the campus bus timetable.


The website also contains links to administration services and tools that are useful during the daily workday, relevant information on UiB as an institution, laws, regulations, and updated notifications on seminars, events, courses and other matters related to UiB. 

The old intranett.uib.no is now closed, and the employee pages are the official channel for information concerning the employees. 

Project progress and further development

Employee pages at uib.no were launched in July 2013 (norwegian website) and in january 2014 (english website), and the project group is now commencing the work of including the faculties, museum and library in the website.

The project group will be collaborating with the faculties to chart the need for information on services and tools that are not already covered by the Employee pages in their current form.