Institutt for geovitenskap


Institutt for geovitenskap


The Department of Earth Science's overall goal is to develop new knowledge of the Earth's structure and processes, its history and the driving forces for its dynamic behavior. 

The research activities at the Department of Earth Science are concentrated in four thematic groups; Geophysics, Geodynamics and Basin Studies, Geochemistry and Geobiology, and Quaternary Geology and Paleoclimate.

Education: The Department offers education, from 3 to 8 years duration, in several fields within earth sciences: Bachelor in Earth Science, Bachelor in Earth Science and Informatics, Master in Earth Science and Doctoral education (PhD)  

What are we doing research on?
At the Department the strategic focus areas for our research are: Energy, Resources, Climate, Environment and Geohazards.

Geosciences and sustainability
Geologists and geophysicists have key competencies to solve tomorrow's challenges, as described in the UN's sustainability goals and the UN's Paris Agreement. The UN has given the University of Bergen (UiB) a leading role in the work of promoting the sustainability goals, and the Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences offers several courses that directly address specific sustainability goals.

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    Live stream

    The deep Arctic Ocean

    Watch the recording of our live-streamed remotely-operated dive at Loki's castle hydrothermal vent field in the Arctic, 2300 meters below sea level.

    PhD defense
    Lucas Albanese Valore

    PhD defense: Lucas Albanese Valore

    On Tuesday 25. June, Lucas Albanese Valore defended his PhD thesis "Reconstructing uplift signals from sediment supply and tectonostratigraphy in a clastic shelf, Early Paleogene Shetland Platform". Professor Mads Huuse, University of Manchester, and professor Carmen Gaina, University of Oslo, were...

    PhD defense
    Apolline Maria Samin

    PhD defense: Apolline Maria Samin

    Tuesday 11. June, Apolline Maria Samin defended her PhD thesis "Investigating Cu isotope ratios as a tracer for subseafloor processes in submarine hydrothermal systems». Professor Ronald Schönberg, Eberhard Karls Universität Tübingen, Germany, and professor Esther Schwarzenbach, Universität Freiburg...

    Christopher Aiden-Lee Jackson

    Geoscience Professor and Diversity Advocate Named Honorary Doctor

    The Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences' new honorary doctor, Christopher Aiden-Lee Jackson, is honored for his research that has significantly impacted our understanding of earthquakes, volcanism, and the extraction of natural resources. Moreover, he is recognized for his dedication to...

    Trond Mohn Foundation recruitment (TMS-scholarship)

    Willem van der Bilt is granted TMS-scholarship (2020-2025). Read more here.
    Steffen Leth Jørgensen is granted BFS-scholarship (2016-2021). Read more here.
    Andreas Born is granted BFS-scholarship (2016-2021). Read more here.
    Nele Meckler is granted BFS-scholarship (2015-2020). Read more here.
    Bjarte Hannisdal is granted BFS-scholarship (2013-2018). Read more here.
    Nicola McLoughlin is granted BFS-scholarship (2010-2015). Read more here.

    European Research Council (ERC) 

    Nele Meckler is awarded ERC Starting Grant from EU (2020-2025). Read more here.
    Nele Meckler is awarded ERC Starting Grant from EU (2015-2020). Read more here.
    Eystein Jansen and Kerim Hestnes Nisancioglu is awarded ERC Synergi Grant (2014-2019). Read more here.