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Promising courses in geophysics programming

The content of these interesting courses at the Department of Earth Science, has recently been published in EOS.

Computational geophysics course at Department of Earth Science.
Karin Landschulze


Associate professor, Henk Keers, gives this bacground information about this initiative:

- Computer programming is an important skill that geophysicists need to have when they go work in the oil industry. In the past few years professor Stephane Rondenay, PhD stipendiat Karin Landschulze and myself have been teaching two programming courses in geophysics (GEOV112 and GEOV219). Since programming is a skill that one only learns by doing (just like learning how to drive a car) it is important to get a lot of practical experience. Keers and Rondenay have devised various tools in their courses to help students acquire these skills and recently published a peer reviewed paper on this in EOS, the newsletter of the American Geophysical Union.

Read the full EOS article on computational geophysics courses here.