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The Norwegian Atlantic Current Observatory

A schematic of the major pathways of Atlantic water in the northern North Atlantic and Norwegian Sea superimposed the sea surface temperature. The Svinøy section and Lofoten Basin transects are indicated (from Orvik and Niiler, 2002).


The Norwegian Atlantic Current Observatory (NACO) is a national infrastructure program funded by the Norwegian Research Council and hosted by the Geophysical Institute. It includes investments in seagliders, development of glider operation capabilities and eventually offering of service to the research community. In 2012 the ocean glider infrastructure is established (Glider Infrastructure) and currently the NACO is operational with seagliders in the water along two transects; The Svinøy section and The Lofoten Basin.

The project web site (NACO) gives details on the technology, field work activites, as well as presentation of the data collected.