Ziegler laboratoriet


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United Colors of NAD Group

United Colors of NAD Group
Marc Niere


Tropical green: Professor Mathias Ziegler (PhD, MD), Principal Investigator

Espresso brown: Juha Pekka Kallio (PhD), Researcher

Paradise blue: Øyvind Strømland (PhD), Researcher

Sunflower yellow: Alex Datsomor (PhD), PostDoc

Plum redLena Elise Høyland, PhD Candidate

Olive greenLars Jansen Sverkeli, PhD Candidate

Coal gray: Eugenio Ferrario, PhD Candidate

Orchid purple: Hanan Ashrafi, PhD Candidate

Fresh orangeMarc Niere (PhD), Senior Engineer

To be dyed: Kjellfrid Fosso Haukanes, Head Engineer

To be dyed: Eva Toro (PhD), Head Engineer


Master students:

Mahdi Emdadi