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Student Council

Student council of the Geophysical Institute

Barbecuing during field course.
Barbecuing during field course.
Tor de Lange


The student council connects the students with the institute. In addition it connects the students to the faculty and the faculty's student council (RU). Since the institute has so few employees and students, issues are addressed directly to the employees. Furthermore, the student’s council is taking care of the concerns of the students if it is necessary. The council will do its best in order to include all the students at the GFI, especially first-year students, in a social network that will arrange social and scientific events.

The general assembly is arranged every fall where the board representatives for the following year will be appointed. We also would like to have board members that want to help in arranging social and scientific events. Just write an email if you want to join!

Contact: gfu@gfi.uib.no

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