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Winter school 2003



2nd Annual Winter School in Algorithms, Graph Theory and Combinatorics 2003

23-25 February, 2003, at Hotel Finse 1222

List of participants

Group I
Theme: Distributed graph algorithms
Fredrik Manne
Morten Mjelde
Tom Martens Meyer Solem
Tom Christian Woods
Jon Natvig

Group II
Theme: Robust algorithms and unit disc graphs
Fedor Fomin
Olav Hjortås
Frederic Dorn
Ole K. Endresen

Group III
Theme: Graph algorithms in data mining
Pinar Heggernes
Yngve Villanger
Kjartan Storli
Camilla Nilsen
Lars Tore Løvtangen

Group IV
Theme: The web graph
Jan Arne Telle
Kjell Kongsvik
Øyvind Neuman
Gunnar Horneland
Kristian Andersen


Sunday 23
Train 10:30-12:48
Session I 17-19:45 (Every group has a 35 minute presentation)
Dinner 20-21

Monday 24
Breakfast 8-9
Session II 9-11:45 (Groups I and II, 1h 15min each)
Session III 17-19:45 (Groups III and IV, 1h 15 min each)
Dinner 20-21

Tuesday 25
Breakfast 8-9
Session IV 9-11:15 (Every group has a 35 minute conclusion session)
Train 15:16-17:52

Practical information

Every participant buys and pays for his/her own train ticket (nsb.no).

Meals and accomodation are free for student participants.

Anybody who plays a (small enough) instrument should bring it along!