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Previous projects

Researchers at Marine Developmental Biology are involved in a number of projects. Below is a list of select previous projects (2000-13). See also personal pages for staff.


NFR: Local effects of global warming: Effects of period of higher temperature than the normal range for Atlantic salmon. (contracted partner w NIFES; young outstanding scientist Grant to E.M Hevrøy# 199683) 2010-13

NFR: Early puberty in salmon males in seawater - causes and consequences for hypoosmoregulatory ability and welfare, #199518, 2010-13

 NFR: The smolt probe - novel tools for assessment of smolt quality and marine performance in Atlantic salmon, #199800, 2010-12

NFR-KMB (partner): Pylogenetic microarrays and high throughput sequencing: a new tool for biodiversity assessment in Northern Norway, #190265/S40, 2010-12     

NFR: BIOplus. Innovative use of bioactive marine ingredients as strategy to sustain growth in fish farming prod. and to improve fish flesh quality. (contracted partner w NOFIMA; Grant # 190043). 2009-12

NFR: GutFeeling. New feeding strategies for Atlantic halibut and cod larvae to increase the output of high quality juveniles in production systems. (w partners IMR #190019) 2009-11

NFR: Fish welfare assessment through brain function: Impacts of environmental stress on brain plasticity and behaviour, #190469, 2009-11

Helse Vest & UoB: NettMettBAP. Bioactive peptides. 2009-10

NORAD- SRV 2701 Improving training and Research Capacity at the Nha Trang University, Vietnam- Phase II (UiT, UiB, NTNU, NUT) 2008- 12

Fundação para a Ciência e Tecnologia Portugal. Improved dietary nitrogenformulations for marine fish larvae: effects on growth performance and skeletal formation - HYDRAA (PTDC/MAR/71685/2006)(partner w/CCMAR) 2008-11

NFR: Optimal smolt production and post smolt performance in the High North - Seawater intermixing, low temperatures and intensive rearing (NORSMOLT) #184997, 2008-11

NFR-FUGE (partner): Systems Biology in the marine tunicate Oikopleura Dioica, #183690/S10, 2007-10     

NFR (PI): “Sars Group Core Budget” Subcontracted from the NFR to run a group studying chromatin and gene expression in developing a new marine chordate model organism Oikopleura dioica, #133335/V40, 1998-12   

Helse Vest & UoB: NettMettBAP. Bioactive peptides, 2009

NFR: DGS- Distended gut syndrome in larval Atlantic cod (Gadus morhua). (w industry partner SagaFjord SeaFarm #187281) 2008-09

Helse Vest & UoB: NettMettBAC. Bioactive compounds- absorption and function 2008

BTO: Hydroxyproline as an essential component in fish and animal nutrition. (contracted partner w Fiskeriforskning), 2008

NFR- Development of endocrine and digestive systems in marine fish larvae (#187063; Leiv Erikssson), 2008

NFR: Ontogeny of lipid digestion and effects of feeding pre-digested lipids to cod larvae (#179016, partner w/ proj leader NIFES; FF and IMR), 2007-09

Helse Vest & UoB: NettMett2. Network for metabolic collaborative studies in Bergen, 2007

AVIT-NFR: Gene expression analysis platform (GExAP-RNA), #183740, 2007

NFR: Progressive, modern production of juvenile Atlantic cod (PROCOD), #1722630, 2006-09

NFR: Moderne settefiskproduksjon av laks - normal utvikling og velferd i intensive oppdrettsystemer, #172514, 2006-09

NFR-FUGE 17541/S10 (PI): Cellular mechanisms templating complex extracellular structures via cellulose scaffolds: the Oikopleura house, 2006-09     

NFR: Leptin in fish - exploring the actions of a novel hormone and its role in control of appetite, growth and puberty in Atlantic salmon and cod, #172548/S40, 2006-08

NFR: Nitric oxide regulation of development in fish: emphasis on the light-brain-pituitary axis and gill during salmon smoltification, #172504, 2006-08 

NFR: Genes linked to normal development and survival of fish larvae. Strategic programme (headed by Dept. Molecular biology, UoB) 2006-08

NFR: CodGut-Digestive function in Atlantic cod larvae- effects of intensive and extensive rearing systems and correlation with peaks in mortality. (w industry partner SagaFjord SeaFarm #174229/S15) 2006-07

BILAT: PepTalk- Project establishment support for studies on peptide nutrition growth and dev. of larval fish between Norway and USA, #175021, 2006

FUGE: Puberty in Atlantic cod (industry partner Marine Harvest) 2006

NFR: Differential protein expression in relation to dietary AA composition: a proteomic approach towards understanding growth in fish, #165203/S40, 2005-08

UoB, Marine Science Programme, Research Locus support 2005-08

Fundação para a Ciência e Tecnologia Portugal. Dietary amino acids and skeletal development in white bream - SAARGO (POCI/MAR/61623/2004) (partner w CCMAR) 2005-08

NFR: Optimisation of harvested halibut by lowering maturation, increasing growth and improving flesh quality, #163429, 2005-07

NFR: Sjøvannsinnblanding i intensiv smoltproduksjon: effekter på helse, velferd og risiko for vintersår, #165239, 2005-07

NFR: Environmental impact and molecular regulation of the osmoregulatory gill during parr-smolt transformation in Atlantic salmon, #165331, 2005-07

Helse Vest & UoB: NETTMETT. Network for metabolic collaborative studies in Bergen 2005-06

NFR: Environmental control of smolt brain development, #153230, 2003-05

FHF/NFR: Vannkvalitet – smoltkvalitet, #155157, 2003-05

NFR: Intensive production of halibut fry - Larviculture and nutrition. (partner; w/ NIFES and Inst. of Mar Research; # 152932/120.) 2003-05

MariPro- NFR (partner): Use of protein and hydrolysate in Microdiets 2003

NFR: The importance of early marine feeding on the growth and survival of Atlantic salmon post-smolt in Norwegian fjords, #149796, 2002-06

NFR-BIOTEK (PI): Developmental Genomics of Oikopleura, a marine architect at the invertebrate/vertebrate transition. (OIKOGEN), 2002-06       

EU, QoL, QLRT-2001-01801 Photoperiod control of puberty in farmed fish: Development of new techniques and research into underlying physiological mechanisms, 2002-05

NFR: Distribution and ecology of post-smolt and salmon at sea, #149790, 2002-05

EJ/hsmISAur02-36 NFR (PI) Aurora: Molecular analysis of trade-offs in growth and reproductive allotment in a vital component of marine zooplankton, 2002-03

NFR-NT 145326/432 (PI): Molecular analysis of trade-offs in growth and reproductive allotment in a vital component of marine zooplankton, 2001-04     

NFR: Functional development of the gut in marine fish larvae, #141990/120, 2001-03

NFR: Nutrition in larvae and juveniles of the Atlantic halibut Strategic programme (partner and steering committee member. w/ IoN, IMR) 2001-03

Meltzer Foundation UoB; Functional development of marine fish larvae 2001

NFR: Smolting in Atlantic salmon: the interrelationship between physiological, endocrine and immunological changes, and their genetic regulation, #136260, 2000-06

UoB, Marine Science Programme, Research Locus support 2000-04

NFR: Vannbehov og vannkvalitet under intensiv smoltproduksjon. Hva er grenseverdiene og hvordan unngå skadelige effekter av lav vanngjennomstrømming, lav pH og høg CO2 under intensiv smoltproduksjon?, #133964, 2000-02

NFR: Control of age at first sexual maturity (puberty) in farmed Atlantic salmon, #133937, 2000-02

NFR, Ontogeny of digestive function in fish larvae, #138382/140, 2000