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Kyungmi Jung

Kyung Mi Jung is working on her PhD, focusing on egg buoyancy. Its title is “Bio-physical properties of Norwegian Coastal cod eggs: implications for viability, distribution, and transport”.

PhD Candidate Kyungmi Jung in the field
PhD Candidate Kyungmi Jung in the field


Recently, more detailed population structure of Norwegian Coastal cod has been studied. The evolution of genetically differentiated sub-populations seems like there are mechanisms ensuring local retention of early life stages. Also through the differences in genetic characteristics and spawning time it has been found that the different coastal and fjord sub-populations have the potential to evolve life-history strategies adapted to local environmental conditions. All these evidences from a higher degree of retention to a range of physiological and behavioral adaptations suggest that retention and membership within a given population is critical to recruitment as well as population structure and regulation. In addition, they might be linked to explanatory mechanisms for the genetic separation between Norwegian Coastal cod and Arcto-Norwegian Cod.


The main goal of her thesis is to investigate the bio-physical characteristics of eggs from populations of Norwegian Coastal cod (Gadus morhua L.) in order to understand 1) how such properties differ between coastal populations, 2) how such differences are associated with genotypic and/or phenotypic characteristics, 3) how the local characteristics influence transport and dispersal of the offspring, 4) how the relation between the biochemical components and egg quality is, and 5) how light-manipulation of farmed broodstock influences the bio-physical characteristics of the eggs.


• Primary supervisor: Arild Folkvord (UiB)

• Co-supervisor: Svein Sundby (UiB, IMR)

• Collaborators: Olav Sigurd Kjesbu (IMR), Anders Thorsen (IMR), Asbjorn Svardal (UiB), Mari Skuggedal Myksvoll (IMR)

• Interesting field areas: Porsangen fjord, Tysfjord, Helgeland, and Lofoten in Norway