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Is studying at the Geophysical Institute in Bergen not enough for you? What about taking a semester or two on abroad?

Halos may be studied in all parts of the world.
Halos may be studied in all parts of the world.
Ellen Viste


Not speaking Norwegian is seldom a problem at the Geophysical Institute. As well as a multinational staff, we have a large group of exchange students from other countries. The blend is highly international, and there are also plenty of opportunities for those who would like to go abroad.

A stay abroad can be included in our Bachelor and Master programmes. During our Bachelor programme we encourage our students to go abroad during the 5th semester, optionally also during the 6th semester. The University of Bergen has exchange agreements with many other institutions, both within and outside of Europe, which provides many different opportunities if you are interested in taking a semester or two abroad.

In addition to the university's general exchange programme, the Geophysical Institute has chosen specific universities to cooperate with in order to offer courses that GFI considers to be especially useful for our Bachelor and Master programme. Choosing one of these options, you can have a stay at a foreign university that is completely integrated into your degree.

General information about the Bachelor's Programme in Meteorology and Oceanography.

Where can you go?

The Geophysical Institute can offer organized studies:

University of Cape Town, South-Africa (oceanography, master's level)

University of Hawaii at Manoa, USA (meteorology and oceanography)

McGill University (meteorology and oceanography)
Dalhousie University (meteorology and oceanography)

University of Utrecht, Netherlands (meteorology and oceanography)
University of Reading, UK (meteorology)
Johannes Gutenberg Universität Mainz (meteorology)
Universität Hannover (physics and meteorology)
Leopold-Franzens-Universität Innsbruck (meteorology and geophysics)
Universidad de Las Palmas de Gran Canaria (oceanography)
University Centre in Svalbard (arctic geophysics, meteorology and oceanography)

It is also possible to go to other places. The University of Bergen has Erasmus agreements with several other institutions. More information can be found here.

Study in Svalbard?

If your interest lies in snow, ice or other polar topics, you can complete part of your degree at the University Centre in Svalbard, UNIS - the world's northernmost higher education institution, where you are guaranteed to get new experiences and friends from all over the world!

See recommended curriculum for the Bachelor programme in Meteorology and Oceanography here (pdf in Norwegian).

How and when to apply for UNIS

Exchange experiences

Read more about Lillian who took two semesters in Hawaii (coming soon).


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