Institutt for biovitenskap (BIO)


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Marine Science in Bergen

Pia Ve Dahlen


Bergen is a hotspot for marine science. It is uniquely situated geographically on the coast of western Norway. Researchers have quick and easy access to a number of different coastal environments from coastal to oceanic, virtually at their doorstep. As a result there is a dynamic, multi-faceted marine research community with local, regional, national and international dimensions. Government at all levels has supported basic research activity as well as actively encouraging research collaboration with industry.

In addition to the large common laboratory facilities at UiB and the Marine Research Station, researchers at BIO collaborate closely with other researchers in other departments at the Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences.

BIO researchers have close ties to three of UiB's four national Centres of research Excellence and the newly established Centre for Research-based Innovation.

The following is a list of some of the major research centres in the Bergen region. BIO researchers collaborate actively with researchers at many of these centres.

FUGE Functional genomics platforms