Ekstremofiler og bioteknologi


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We can offer a range of Master's thesis projects within our research fields, but preferably linked to an ongoing project. The projects can focus on molecular microbiology, environmental microbiology, isolation/characterization of novel organisms, bioprospecting or microbial genetics and physiology. Prospective students can contact the group leader for more information.

Current Master students:

Eduardo Mandolini (2019) : Preliminary title of the thesis:  Breakdown of keratin-laden biomass waste by the thermophilic bacteria Fervidobacterium pennivoransstrain Ker.

Previous Masters students:

Eliya Vesselinova Cholakova (2019): Enrichment and screening for novel thermoacidophilic Archaea and Bacteria from volcanic environments

Rubén Javier-López (2018): Isolation and characterization of a new keratinolytic Fervidobacterium pennivorans strain from a hot spring in Tajikistan.

Sarah Buttkus (2017): Molecular Analysis of Kosmotoga olearia, a Deep-Branching Anaerobic Thermophile:Transformation Trials and Transcriptomics.

Faustina Asare (2015): Molecular analysis of serological O-antigen cross-reaction among enterobacteria

Yong Lao (2015): Secretome of the deep-branching thermophilic Thermotogales bacterium, Kosmotoga olearia

Kjetil Dale (2015): Functional and structural analyses of split and full-length transketolase enzyme isoforms from the anaerobic thermophilic bacterium Thermovirga lienii

Sudeep Karki (2015): Molecular cloning, purification, structural study and substrate identification of thermostable sugar aminotransferases

Lianna Poghosyan (2015): Prokaryotic diversity in an Armenian geothermal spring analysed by metagenomics, anaerobic cultivation and genome sequencing

Anne Marie Lerang (2014): Isolation of thermophilic anaerobic microorganisms from a Norwegian oil reservoir

Oda Barth Vedøy (2014): The Hfq RNA chaperone in the deep-branching Thermotogales lineage: Attempts to reveal its biological role

Nathalie Smestad (2014): Phylogeny and diversity of new isolates of aerobic thermoacidophilic methane oxidizing Verrucomicrobia

Trude With (2014): Analyses of Thermotogales secretomes

Roshan Khadka (2012): Characterization of the pmoB2d1 domain of the particulate methane monooxygenase B2 subunit from ‘Methylacidiphilum kamchatkense’ Kam1

Helge Erikstad (2010): Differensiert uttrykk av metan monooxygenase genene i den termoacidofile bakterien Methylacidophilum kamchatkense

Eirin Lunden Jenssen (2009): Molecular characterization of an environmental bacterial isolate with strong serological cross-reaction with Shigella boydii 15 

Solveig Hoem (2008): Diversitet og utbredelse av sulfatreduserende og svoveloksiderende prokaryoter i hydrotermale miljø

Anders Schouw (2008): Isolering og karakterisering av nye termofile bakteriestammer fra et oljereservoir i det sydlige Sudan

Irene Roalkvam (2008):  Proteomikkstudier av den sulfatreduserende hypertermofile arkeen Archaeoglobus fulgidus

William Peter Hocking (2007): Kinetic characterization revealing a possible NADP substrate inhibition mechanism in isocitrate dehydrogenase of the hyperthermophilic archaeon Aeropyrum pernix

Frøydis Kristi Garshol (2005): Analyse av mikrobiologiske samfunn fra dype oljebrønner i Nordsjøen (Troll C- feltet), ved hjelp av dyrkningsavhengige og dyrkingsuavhengige strategier

Marte Innselset (2005): Characterization and thermostability of cell division control protein 6 from (hyper)thermophilic Archaea

Ruth Stavrum (2005): Functional analysis of tilS homologues in Bacteria and Archaea

Ture Mortensen (2005): Translasjonsinitieringsfaktor 2 fra den hypertermofile arkeen Archaeoglobus fulgidus