5th International workshop on modeling the ocean


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Chairman: Lie-Yauw Oey (Princeton University, USA)

Jarle Berntsen (University of Bergen, Norway)

Bo Qiu (University of Hawaii, USA)

Huijie Xue (University of Maine, USA)

Vasiliy Vlasenko (University of Plymouth, UK)

Yasumasa Miyazawa (JAMSTEC, Japan)

Jinyu Sheng (Dalhousie University, Canada)

Xiao Hua Wang (UNSW Canberra, Australia)

Richard J. Greatbatch (GEOMAR, Germany)

Jianping Gan (Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, China)  

Tal Ezer (Old Dominion University, USA)

Magnus Svärd (University of Bergen, Norway)