Bergen tektonikk og termokronologi


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FT Bergen

FT BERGEN: Exhumation history of the Norwegian continental margin across major structural discontinuities deduced by combined fission-track and (U-Th)/He analyses


This study aims to better constrain the complex post-Caledonian development of the Bergen area and the exhumation history of the Norwegian continental margin. Movement and differential uplift along major faults dissecting the Bergen area will be dated and quantified by combining different thermochronological techniques such as apatite and titanite fission-track and (UTh)/He analyses and direct dating of faults by K/Ar or Ar/Ar illite analysis. The reactivation of the Norwegian Caledonides will then be compared to other orogens in the world that were also reactivated and converted into passive continental margins, in order to investigate the effect of the orogenic type (e.g. hot/cold) on margin development.

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