Ecological and Environmental Change Research Group


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Networks & Collaborations

The EECRG is involved in a number of research networks and collaborations in many countries.



ClimMani - Climate Change Manipulation Experiments in Terrestrial Ecosystems

EcoRe3 - Resistance, Recovery and Resilience in Long-term Ecological Systems. A PAGES working group.

European Heathland Network - For those working on research, conservation or administratoin of heathlands

Heathland Centre, Lygra

NEPAL - Nordic Network of Palaeoclimatology

NOMA - Norad's Programme for Master Studies

Norsk Økolgisk Forening - Norwegian Ecological Society

Research Himalaya - Network of Bergen-based researchers focusing on the Himalaya



Snowbed vegetation in the Scottish Highlands. With Des Thompson and Gordon Rotheray

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 BEGIN: Biodiversity of European grasslands - the impact of atmospheric nitrogen deposition

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DRIVE: The plant root microbiome diversity and resilience in a changing climate