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Beatriz Balino


Leader Group: The leader group consists of the head of department (HD) Prof. Nils Gunnar Kvamstø, his deputy, Prof. Joachim Reuder and the head of administration, Terje Restad. The HD is responsible for all aspects of the institute activities, including the education programme, research strategy, personnel and accounting.

Board: GFI´s board has a dual function: it advise the HD on major activities of the department, and it is also a contact and information forum between the leader group, the students and employees. All personnel categories (faculty, admin/technical, PhD/PostDocs, students) are represented in the board, elected for four years at the time, except students and temporary employees who have a shorter rotation period. 

Committees: The committees have delegated responsibility on a more detailed level to run and develop the research training, educational programmes and outreach strategy across all scientific areas covered by the department. The educational and research training committees are formally required by the faculty while the launching of an outreach committee was a local initiative.

Research: There are 5 thematic research groups that report to the HD. The strategic areas span across the thematic research groups. In 2008, the Bjerknes Centre – UiB was formally established by the rector and became administratively integrated in the department. This unit has a strategic responsibility in that it coordinates climate research at UiB as a whole and hosts major projects including the BCCR CoE and thre national research school ResClim. As such, it is an umbrella activity that draws upon contributions from research groups both internal and external to GFI.