Ecological and Environmental Change Research Group


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Kine Blom

Nitrogen deposition impacts on grasslands (linked to BEGIN project)

Supervisor: Vigdis Vandvik

William Garcia

Microbiology in the FunCab project

Supervisor: Vigdis Vandvik

Erik Kusch

Inferring vegetation memory from remote sensing data

Supervisor: Alistair Seddon

Gunvor Skjelstad

INCLINE: Floral traits or roots

Supervisor: Vigdis Vandvik

Lasse Søgaard

INCLINE: Resource allocation

Supervisor: Vigdis Vandvik

Kristina Svare

Holocene vegetation history in Rondane

Supervisor: Aage Paus / Anne Bjune

Alexander Vågenes

LandPress: Drought effects on carbon flux in heathlands

Supervisor: Vigdis Vandvik