Ecological and Environmental Change Research Group


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Lotte DahlmoSupervisor: Gaute Velle
Linnea HalvegSuprvisors: Anne Bjune; Kari Helle (Bergen museum)
Hilde JohanessenSupervisor: Gaute Velle
Åse Lindmark

Supervisors: Inger Måren; Siri Haugum

Cecilia NilsenSupervisor: Gaute Velle
Helen Sandsten

THREE-D: Ecosystem carbon dynamics

Supervisors: Aud Halbritter, Vigdis Vandvik

Erika ScheibeSupervisors: Inger Måren, Katya Malmborg
Lene SortlandSupervisor: Gaute Velle
Hanne Tjoflot

How climate warming affects vegetation in the Arctic assessed via plant-leaf traits from Greenland

Supervisors: John-Arvid Grytnes; Siri Haugum

Åse Meling Underhaug

Distribution of bryophytes in Hirkjølen demonstration area

Supervisors: John-Arvid Grytnes; Hans Blom

Ingrid Vaksvik

Pollinators in urban areas

Supervisors: John-Arvid Grytnes; Bjørn-Arild Hatteland

Sandra Vestheim

Pollinators in apple orchards and effects of surrounding vegetation

Supervisors: Bjørn-Arild Hatteland; Aud Halbritter

Tage Vestlie

Stability of the alpine vegetation at Rondane over the past 60-70 years

Supervisors: John.Arvid Grytnes; Fride Schei

Susanne Zazzera


Supervisors: Inger Måren, Bjørn-Arild Hatteland

Camilla ZernichowSupervisor: Vigdis Vandvik