Den internasjonale forskerskolen i integrativ nevrovitenskap


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There are three key themes of research in IGSIN

The Neuroscience of:

  • attention, memory, language and laterality
  • mental disorders
  • emotions and stress

The research is done in well-equipped laboratories. These include:

  • Functional and structural magnetic resonance imaging (MRI, fMRI).
  • Clinical neuropsychological and human electrophysiological laboratories
  • Microarray technology
  • In-vivo single-cell recordings
  • Animal models of behavior
  • Advanced molecular methods


Professor Marco A. Hirnstein


Vivian.Fosse@uib.no administrative secretary

tel +47 55 58 62 26


University of Bergen

Department of Biological and Medical Psychology
Jonas Lies vei 91
5009 Bergen, NORWAY