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Seminar in honour of Anne Magurran

University of Bergen awarded Professor Anne Magurran an honorary doctorate on August 31. To mark this event, a seminar in her honour was arranged on August 30. In addition to a keynote talk by Professor Magurran, exciting local research was portrayed.

Cover of "Measuring Biological Diversity", Blackwell
Cover of "Measuring Biological Diversity", Blackwell


Seminar in honour of Anne Magurran

Time and place: August 30, 10:15-13:30, VilVite Science Center, big auditorium, Thormøhlensgate 51, Bergen

Professor Anne Magurran, from the University of St Andrews, Scotland, is a world-leading authority in biodiversity research and evolutionary and behavioural ecology, particularly in fishes. She is the author of many important books, including Ecological Diversity and Its Measurement (1998), Measuring Biological Diversity (2004), Evolutionary Ecology: The Trinidadian Guppy (2005), and Biological Diversity: Frontiers in Measurement and Assessment (2010, with Brian J. McGill).

Here at the Department of Biology, University of Bergen, we share many of her passions. This seminar was arranged in honour of Professor Magurran the day prior to the award ceremony, and included a keynote talk from Professor Magurran as well as short talks representing local talent.


10:15–11:00 Anne Magurran: Biological diversity in a changing world

11:00–11:15 break

11:15–11:30 Arne Skorping: Evolutionary effects of intensive farming on parasite life histories and virulence

11:30–11:45 Amy Eycott: Effects of fragmentation on Ugandan forest species groups

11:45–12:00 Vivian Astrup Felde: Biodiversity relationships between vegetation and modern pollen samples

12:00–12:15 Beatriz Diaz Pauli: Selectivity of fishing gear on behaviour

12:15–12:30 break

12:30–12:45 John Birks: Biodiversity changes in Q-time

12:45–13:00 Lise Øvreås: Microbial biodiversity. Facts and fiction

13:00–13:15 Anne Gro Vea Salvanes: The adaptation and behavior of the Benguela goby to low oxygen environments

13:15–13:30 Olav Moberg: Environmental effects on learning and behaviour

OrganizersAnne Gro Vea SalvanesJohn-Arvid Grytnes, and Mikko Heino.